Account Holder FAQs

I have received a letter from Centrexa Group Ltd, what should I do?

Your Account has been passed to us to collect an overdue debt. We would suggest you contact us so we can help setting a re-payment arrangement we have a number of payment options available to our customers.
What happens if I ignore calls, emails, letters and text messages?

In the first instance we would encourage you to contact an account manager. We understand that it can be stressful receiving communications from a Debt Recovery Agency however, ignoring our communication efforts will not resolve the matter. Dealing with debt head on and taking control of your financial situation is the best way forward.
I have received a Letter Before Action (LBA) what should I do?

Your Account has either been referred to our in-house litigation department or an external solicitor. Follow the instructions on the letter as your account is at serious stage and our client is considering issuing County Court Claim. If this happens Court, Solicitors Fees and interest will be added to the Claim.
A debt collector has called at my address when I was out what should I do?

Your Account will have been with us for sometime. We would advise contacting an Account Manager so we can understand your situation and assist you in coming to a repayment arrangement.
I believe I have paid the debt, what should I do?

We would encourage you to contact us and explain the situation, your account will be placed on-hold for a period of time. You will need to provide evidence and our client services team will refer the issue to our client.
Why have I received a County Court Claim?

County Court Proceedings are issued as a last resort and all attempts to recover the debt have failed. 

County Court Proceedings are never issued to punish or penalise an account holder. 

County Court Proceedings are issued as part of a careful and structured collection strategy. 
I have received a County Court Judgement in the post, what should I do?

There are a few reasons this might have happened.

  1. We have applied for Judgement by default as the defendant has not replied to the claim-form
  2. You have replied to the claim form and admitted the amount claimed
  3. A judgment was entered by the court after a hearing.
Do not ignore the County Court Judgment as failure to come to arrangement could result in enforcement action and further costs being added to the judgment debt.

What enforcement actions through the Courts do you employ?

We cannot comment on specific enforcement actions however, if a County Court Judgment has been granted by the Court, we will continue to attempt to work with the defendant to settle the debt.

Potential enforcement action:

  1. Warrant of Control
  2. Order to attend for questioning 
  3. Third party debt order
  4. Bankruptcy or winding up petition 
  5. High Court Enforcement

I have paid the County Court Judgement in-full can I get the CCJ removed from Credit File?

If you have paid the Judgment in full with in 28 days you can apply to the Court to have the judgment removed. You will will require proof of the judgement being satisfied, we charge an admin fee of £7.50 including VAT to show you have satisfied the debt.

If the judgment has been satisfied after 28 days you can apply for the judgment to be satisfied this WILL NOT remove the judgment off your credit file. We charge an admin fee of £15 including VAT as verification of full payment of the debt is required.

Always retain proof of payment(s) if you do this we will only charge £7.50 for the administration costs of a letter of satisfaction which can be used as proof of the satisfied judgment.