Payment methods

Payment arrangements, methods and options:
Direct Debit:-

To pay by direct debit you will need to have an email address. If you wish to setup a direct debit email with your reference number stating you wish to setup a direct debit. A member of the collections team will process your request within 48 working hours.

For data protection and security please do not
send any bank details by email.
Payments by bank transfer, bank giro credit, or through the post office:

Sort Code:- 60-19-38
Account Number:- 32200625
Reference:- Your Centrexa Group Ltd account number.
If you are facing financial difficulties or hardship please contact an Account Manager on 0844 351 0965 or email Our Account Managers will listen and give appropriate advice. 

We would always encourage an account holder facing financial difficulties or hardship to contact us as failure to do so could result in a County Court Claim and a County Court Judgment being obtained which could make your financial situation worse.