County Court - Possession Claims

Centrexa Group Ltd prepare both N5 & N5B for Landlords and Letting Agents, both forms are signed off as legally sound by our associate solicitors.

By far the easiest way to evict a tenant is by way of the County Court Accelerated Possession. There is not usually a hearing and providing the Section 21 has been completed correctly the Court has limited discretion other than to grant 42 days (6 weeks) if the defendant can prove exceptional hardship.

This route is informally known as the ‘no fault’ possession claim as the claimant doesn’t have to show just cause or reason why they wish to take possession of the property. 

Possession and money claims are quite complex and can cost a considerable amount of money as there are hearings. We advise in the most strongest means, if instructing us, to take legal advice from a solicitor experienced in Housing, Landlord and Tenant Law as a Barrister may also be required.

We usually advise clients to gain an Order for Possession through the accelerated procedure and then issue a Money Claim post-eviction.