County Court Money Claims

Issuing a claim:

Centrexa Group Ltd have many years of experience navigating the many complexities of the County Court system and complying with the Civil Procedure Rules (CPRs).

We get regular updates on case law and the CPRs from our award winning associate firm of Solicitors.

When instructed to issue County Court Proceedings we ensure that the pre-action conduct is followed including sending a formal demand or letter before action.

The Claim-form is completed and assessed as legally sound and late payment compensation is added under the late payment of commercial debts act for business to business debts and the appropriate interest, the amount and rate is calculated.

What happens next?

The defendant(s) will have a few options when they receive the claim form.

  • Respond and admit full the claim
  • Respond and partially admit the claim
  • Respond and defend the claim
  • Respond and counter-claim
  • Ignore the claim