Debt Recovery

We tailor our collection approach and strategies in accordance with our client’s requirements and use a firm but sensitive approach especially in the current climate of austerity. We ensure that we follow the Financial Conduct Authority  Debt Collection Guidance and have adopted the Credit Services Association’s Code of Practice which “is the benchmark for industry best practice, assuring quality and professionalism”. 

Our approach is designed to protect your brand and reputation we do not come in with a “heavy handed” approach but to work with your clients to re-pay the debt that is rightly due to you. 

Often when a third part debt recovery agency is involved this is sufficient enough to start the ball rolling towards either payment in full, an agreed settlement or regular weekly or monthly instalments. We understand that being owed money is stressful and we do the hard work of chasing the debt to its ultimate conclusion. 

We also understand that is stressful owing money and we work with your clients to understand their financial situation and when it is identified an account holder is facing financial difficulties our Customer Support Unit will refer the matter onto Citizens Advice Bureaux or other not for profit advice agency. 

Unfortunately it sometimes becomes necessary to issue a County Court Money Claim against an account holder. When this is the case we never issue County Court Proceedings to punish or penalise an account holder and we follow the pre-action conduct and the civil procedure rules to the letter.

We collect the following debts:

  • Sundry debts
  • Private Nursery Fees
  • Private School Fees
  • Commercial & Residential Rent Arrears
  • Business to Business Debt Recovery
  • Private Dental Fees
  • Private Doctor, Consultant, Clinic or Hospital Fees
  • Funeral Directors
  • Opticians
  • Bespoke debt recovery services tailored to the clients specific requirements.

We offer a full range of debt recovery services from early arrears through to complex on-going matters.

Services we offer

  • Business to Business Debt Recovery
  • Commercial and Residential Rent Arrears
  • Pre-legal Debt Recovery
  • Legal/Litigation Debt Recovery
  • Post Legal Debt Recovery
  • Legal enforcement