Property inspections

Centrexa Group Ltd offer property inspections for Landlords and Letting Agents with bespoke checklists or using your own inspection forms. We will complete a full inspection with a written report and photographs, with urgent maintenance matters being referred for action, This service is available from just £3.00 per property.

We we offer specific HMO inspections and undertake weekly fire alarm and regular emergency lighting tests referring any issues to the Landlord, Agent or service provider. This is available from £4.00 per week per property and flat or room inspections from starting from 0.25p.

This service is cheaper than a service engineer weekly check and we can refer defects for immediate action. We can also liaise with the local Fire & Rescue Service for fire safety advice to ensure on-going compliance with local HMO requirements. This service is not designed to replace regular inspections and maintenance by a qualified engineer, but to supplement and assist with compliance.

Once a fire alarm and emergency lighting check has been completed this will be recorded in your logbook and a confirmation sent by email every week.